Address: Chuangke Town, Zhongguancun, Hot Spring Town, Haidian District

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Property Service Center Telephone:
08:00-19:00 010-82490015
19:00-08:00 010-82491525
For other questions, please call during working hours:
Monday to Friday 8:30-18:00
Residence Consultation - Business Manager: 010-62457320
Kechuang Service-Incubation Manager: 18611202518
Life Service - Property Manager: 15811036160
App Support - Park Manager: 13141272683
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[Contact address]
Address: Chuangke Town, Zhongguancun, on the west side of North Waterfront Home Area, Hot Spring Town, Haidian District
(1) Bus routes:
Get off at Dongbutoucun Station on 952 or 330/346/633/651/968 at Taizhouwu Station, 900 meters northward.
(2) Driving routes:
Direction of Beiqing Road: Beiqing Road turns to Shangzhuang Road and goes south. Turn right at the intersection of Dongbutou Road and go straight West for 1500 meters.
Direction of Heilongtan Road: Heilongtan Road goes straight, turn right at Taizhou Dock Bridge, and go straight north along Longitudinal Second Road for 900 meters.
(3) Subway lines:
Metro Line 16 gets off at Daoxianghu Road Station and goes south along Daoxianghu Road to Dongbutou Road. Then it goes straight along Dongbutou Road for 900 meters and turns right for 300 meters.