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Living in one

"Life + Entrepreneurship + Social" allows you to live in a small town and work in a small town, saving you valuable time and energy for commuting, lifting your entrepreneurial worries and escorting your entrepreneurial path.


Creative space Co-Working Space

  26,800 square meters of space, 3,700 square meters of independent office   area, 698 centralized office area

   Incubation, office, show, service, to meet your centralized office, independent office, conference guests, business negotiations, etc.
    A full range of office needs.

Maker Apartment Innovators Apartment

  2772 sets of Maker Apartment, fine decoration with home appliance bag, enjoy the preferential policy of creating a guest in Haidian District

   Enjoy the preferential policies for creating a guest's public rental in Haidian District



Into the incubation process