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One-to-one exclusive incubator managers escort innovative achievements and enhance the core value of innovation. Intellectual Property Characteristic Services: Trademark Brand Financial Services, Trademark Brand Strategy Promotion, Trademark Brand Demonstration and Cultivation, Trademark Evaluation Pledge Loan, Patent Value Assessment, Patent Valuation Sharing, Patent Pledge Loan, Patent Big Data, Patent Gold Award, Excellence Award; 1. Intellectual Property Promotion: Intellectual Property Series Training, Platform and Community Promotion Copyright, work copyright, computer software copyright, invention patent, design patent, utility model patent, Paris Convention international patent, PCT international patent, other countries patent; 3. Intellectual property agency: docking high-quality agent service providers to provide various intellectual property registration applications, changes, revocation, supplement, transfer and other agency work; 4. Intellectual property financing services: Intellectual Property Mortgage, Intellectual Property Financing Docking, Intellectual Property Micro-equity Replacement; 5. Qualification Certification Services: Docking Quality Agent Service Provides Docking Quality Agent Service Provides Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Recognition, National High-tech Enterprise Recognition, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Credit 3A Rating, Quality Management System Certification, Military Industry Three Certificates, Intellectual Property Management Institutional identification, Beijing Key Laboratories, Science and Technology Research and Development Institutions, Beijing Technology Advanced Service Enterprises, New Technologies and New Products Certification; 6. Intellectual Property Planning and Operation: Patent Strategic Protection, Standard Compliance, Licensing, Operation, Rights Protection, Precision Research and Development, Establishment of Intellectual Property Barriers.