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Reading Club: The Rough Road of Mohism

2018/12/20 20:03
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Mohism: How to Make Japan Toward Successful Innovation           

Hello, dear book friends. Dr. Liao Lichun, an expert on Mohism, came to the town this Saturday to share Mohist culture with you. Mohist thought is not only about love but also non-attack as you know it. The most scientific and speculative Mohist culture in a hundred schools involves the discussion of contradictions in philosophical theory and ideological contact line; the scientific level includes three laws: limit theory, force is motive, geometry theory, orifice imaging and mechanical motion, and even puts forward a simple concept of time and space.           

Although the brilliance of thought has experienced gloom more than 300 years ago, it has never been extinguished. Mohism has exerted an extraordinary influence on its scientific and technological innovation after its voyage to Japan. As our own excellent traditional culture, we should learn to absorb the essence while feeling, use it for ourselves, and walk more calmly on the road of entrepreneurship.           

Mohist Ten Theories: Universal Love, Non-attack, Shang Tong, Shang Xian, Economize, Save Funeral, Non-joy, Non-life, Respect for Heaven, Things and Ghosts.           

Japan's application of Mohism, the preparation of "Chrysanthemum and Knife" to Japan, the Japanese sacrifice, etc.

Instructor's introduction:           

Dr. Liao Lichun, Vice President of the Chinese Mozi Society, Member of the 13th Beijing Political Consultative Conference, Standing Committee of the Youth Federation of the Central Authorities directly under the Central Committee, Economic Management of Beihang, MBA Social Instructor of the Academy, Visiting Professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.           

Course time: 8 December 2018, 3:30-5:30 p.m.