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How should the equity of the partnership be allocated? Interpretation of Internet Enterprise VIE Model Construction

2018/12/20 21:14
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How should the equity of the partnership be allocated? Interpretation of Internet Enterprise VIE Model Building!


Background introduction           

In order to help enterprises prevent the above legal risks, Youyidun and Chuangke Town of Zhongguancun have established in-depth cooperative relations. By providing guidance and services for enterprises in the management of legal style, contract audit legal services, investment and financing legal services, labor and personnel legal services, equity legal services, enterprise legal services, regular legal training, value-added legal services, etc. Gradually help enterprises to establish and improve the legal risk management system, so as to escort the rapid development of enterprises, and eventually successfully go public.           


Activity arrangement           

Time: 9 November 2018, 2-4 p.m.           

Outline of Sharing Points in this issue           

1. How to Distribution the Equity Rights of Several Partners           

2. Interpretation of the VIE Model of Internet Enterprises           


Guest introduction           

Senior Partner of Xia Sun-ming Zhongyou Law Institute           


Lecture content           

How to divide the shares of several people who start a business in partnership           

Professional experience           

Business areas: major difficult civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense, corporate legal risk management, perennial legal adviser, new third board of financing listing, asset acquisition, real estate development, construction, contract law, company law, securities finance, labor law, equity incentive, marriage inheritance, etc.           

Senior Partner of Sun Jianzhong Bank Law Institute


Lecture content           

Interpretation of Internet Enterprise VIE Model Construction           

Professional experience           

Sun Jian's main practice areas are listed companies'securities, capital market, intellectual property rights and overseas mergers and acquisitions. Sun's team has won the Best Asset Securitization Award in 2014 in the Commercial Law, the nomination in China Law and Practise and the "Best Lawyer Team - Capital Market Award in 2012 - 2013" in China. The industries involved include energy, mining, transportation, medicine, finance, insurance and so on.           


Sun's professional expertise is in the field of capital market mergers and acquisitions and high-end dispute resolution, with a cumulative case handling amount of more than 16 billion yuan, and has repeatedly helped Chinese enterprises to list in China's capital market and overseas capital market. Sun Lawyer's team provides legal services to important Chinese companies such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aluminum Group, China Import and Export Insurance Company, Centennial Life and so on.           

Lawyer Sun also has rich experience in fund and asset securitization, and serves as Secretary-General of the Legal Aid Center of the European and American Students'Association. Business Securities, Financing, Banks, Funds, Trusts, Mergers and Acquisitions of Listed Companies, Private Equity Investment Finance


Creator Classroom Introduction           

Location: On the way to entrepreneurship, special knowledge sharing, daily learning and communication platform for entrepreneurs.           

Organizational Form: Invite brand service providers, professional service institutions, entrepreneurship mentors, industry experts, etc. to make regular appointments around such topics as innovative entrepreneurship support policy, basic knowledge of Finance and taxation law, essential skills for enterprise start-up and enterprise growth. Through sharing, communicating and communicating on-line and off-line practical thinking, we can get through the two lines of entrepreneurs'cognition and practice, so as to enable innovation and entrepreneurship.           

Contents: Equity structure design, financial and taxation policies, enterprise employment system, financing planning and so on, special courses on essential skills and services for enterprise start-up and growth. 

Frequency: 2-3 times a month