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[Creator Classroom] Analysis of Difficulties in the Process of High-tech Enterprise Application

2018/12/20 21:18
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Activity planning

Time: September 7th, 2018, 2:00-4:00 pm

Venue: Zhongchuang Village, Chuangke Town, Zhongguancun (Conference Room 2, 2nd Floor, Building 15)

Highlights of this issue

1. Interpretation of high-tech enterprise application process and scoring standards

2. Analysis of the difficulties in the index of intellectual property rights

3. Analysis of the difficulties in the index of scientific and technological achievements

4. Analysis of the difficulties in the management level of research and development organizations

5. Difficulties in analyzing the growth indicators of enterprises

 Introduction to the sixth consumer season

In the sixth consumer season, the theme of “Leixiang Culture and Meimei Life” is the theme of “Culture, Benefiting People, and Consumption”, which is the main line of meeting the new expectations of the people’s good life. According to “one core leading, two-wing driving, and three-way cooperation” The overall idea of ​​"National Radiation" is to lead the promotion of socialist core values, to highlight the mainstream cultural supply; to adhere to the "two-wheel drive" of science and technology and finance, to play the positive role of science and technology support and financial incitement to cultural consumption; Develop and promote the integration process of cultural consumption in the three places; promote inter-provincial inter-cultural consumption linkage, and stimulate the national demonstration of Beijing cultural consumption to lead the effectiveness.

This year's consumption season will focus on major events such as the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the Beijing Winter Olympics, the preparations for the Beijing World Expo, and other key projects such as the Taihu Performing Arts Town and the Cultural Sanlitun Construction, following the concept of reduction and intensive development. Create a brand of Beijing cultural consumer brand, Beijing Wenchuang Product Trade Fair and other independent brands, integrate the "ingenuity to build a dream", "Qi Qi future", "audio-visual feast", "scholar art rhyme", "fashion taste" and "share and integrate" six sections Contents, coordinating the consumption space carriers of shopping malls, communities, parks and cultural towns, mobilizing the resources of the 16 districts, Tianjin and Fujian, and focusing on the promotion of self-owned brands and the promotion of the overall atmosphere of cultural consumption. As the leading factor, we will focus on improving the marketization of activities and building a comprehensive platform for cultural consumption services.

Maker Class Introduction

Positioning: Thematic knowledge sharing on the road of entrepreneurship, the daily learning exchange platform of entrepreneurs.

Organizational form: Invite brand service providers, professional service organizations, entrepreneurial instructors, industry experts, etc., around the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship support policies, basic knowledge of fiscal and taxation law, enterprise start-up skills and business growth, and regular classes. Through the online and offline practical thinking sharing, communication, communication, open up the two lines of entrepreneurial cognition and practice, empowering innovation and entrepreneurship!

Content: equity structure design, financial tax policy, enterprise employment system, financing planning, etc., special courses on the necessary skills and services for start-up and growth of enterprises.

Frequency: 2-3 times a month