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[Creator Classroom] From zero to one, increase sales

2018/12/20 21:19
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“From zero to one, increase sales”

It is one of the core “lecture classes” for sales wins. By analyzing six typical sales problems, the basic ideas of entrepreneurial sales are explained from actual combat.
Let the CEO understand the right way to expand the business and “avoid stepping on the pit” in sales.
“How to make Sales with great ability play a role in the company?”
“Sales’ performance is poor, what should managers do?”
“How to find and use the excellent sales leader?”
“Why does the sales team’s overall business level not always bring up?”
“In the day-to-day management of the sales team, why is Sales always telling stories?”
“In the face of product shortages, is it to expand customers first? Or to improve products first?”

Course features:

The combination of actual combat and cognition avoids the distress of “having a lot of learning but not using it”.
The CEO can combine his own business and master the relevant sales tools and methods to achieve the effect of “learning to use”.

Activity planning:

Time: September 27, 2018 (Thursday) 7:30-9:30

Venue: Zhongchuang Village, Chuangke Town, Zhongguancun (Conference Room 2, 2nd Floor, Building 15)

Guest introduction

"CEO Sales Win" Founder & Chief Consultant Wang Ran

Created a “sales win” consulting platform, which has provided consultation and resolution for hundreds of sales problems for more than 20 startup companies; and with well-known companies such as Yunxing Weizhi, Digital Technology, NOX Night God, and Generalization Intelligence. Established a long-term and in-depth cooperation relationship.

Fifteen years of experience in foreign companies and entrepreneurial circles, he has been involved in the field of big data & artificial intelligence. He has worked for Dell, Lenovo and a number of startup companies. He has served as department head, sales and business leader.

Enterprise management experts, financial industry experts, good at sales, longer than strategy.