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Extraordinary makers, extraordinary customers - the 2019 second cultural science and technology festival grand opening!

2019/06/11 15:48
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On May 31, 2019, a cultural science and technology festival with the theme of "extraordinary makers" opened in Zhongguancun, a small town in Zhongguancun. This festival is composed of five major theme sections, namely, the extraordinary makers sharing conference, the science and technology market, the cultural creation market, the future market and the square elephant cabin, which together bring a cultural and technological feast to the makers.

Zhang Mi, deputy director of the organization department of the Haidian District Committee of Beijing, Fang Haiqiang, secretary of the Party Committee of Haidian District, and the party secretary of the hot spring town of Haidian District, Zhang Guobin, and the leaders of the hot spring town attended the event.

(From left to right) Zhang Pan, CEO of Zhongguancun Chuangke Town, Teng Fei, Research Fellow of the State Council Development Research Center, Wang Wei, Executive Vice President of Zhongguancun Talent Association, Fang Haiqiang, Party Secretary of Hot Spring Town, Haidian District, Zhang Guobin, Mayor of Hot Spring Town, Heilongjiang Founder and CEO Zhai Zhigang, founder of the Entrepreneur Museum + founder of the garage coffee Su Shi, and head of the talent group of the Haidian District Committee Organization Department Li Bingzhen.

Creating a guest is only a gravitational field. Zhongguancun’s maker town and extraordinary makers have the same frequency resonance and symbiosis.

As the opening ceremony of the festival, the extraordinary maker sharing session opened a gorgeous chapter for the three-day festival with a variety of innovative and entrepreneurial stories. Zhongguancun Chuangke Town adheres to the strategic positioning of “smart economic ecological circle” and always firmly adheres to the development concept of “talent is the first resource”. Based on the multi-aggregate content of science, technology, culture and art, it gradually builds the wisdom and economic ecology of creating guests. ring.

The sharing meeting brings together outstanding innovation and entrepreneurial talents at home and abroad, and through the rich artistic expression, let the maker spirit of “Creator, the direction of the world to explore” shine! Jiang Yan, vice president of Zhongguancun Unicorn Enterprise, the founder of Entrepreneur Museum + founder of garage coffee, Su Wei, founder and CEO of Qi Wei, Qi Zhigang, researcher of the State Council Development Research Center, and the executive vice president of Zhongguancun Talent Association Wang Wei The outstanding Maker representative of Korea, Kim Hyun-soo and other guests were invited to the scene to talk about the rich experiences of individuals and companies, and to convey the positive energy of science and technology talents on the road to innovation.

Jiang Yan, Vice President of Destiny Technology, Zhongguancun Unicorn Enterprise

Entrepreneur Museum promoter + garage coffee founder Su Shi

bangbang Safe Founder and CEO Zhai Zhigang

Researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Council

Executive Vice President of Zhongguancun Talent Association Wang Wei (first from left)

In the new generation of interactive performances such as "New Life" Hu Fang's innovations, "Smart Bridge" Wang Xiaolan's Commercial Mediation Center, "Unbounded Technology Taiji" and other talk shows and storytelling, we are brave in innovation, active practice, and technology to promote world progress and other values. Advocate, causing resonance at the scene. Finally, in the song "My and my motherland", 30 Maker rushed out of the field and sang "My Mother and I" with the audience and audience. In the song full of patriotism, The way of flashing the show, congratulations to the 70th anniversary of our motherland, will bring the whole event to a climax!