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[Creator Biography] The psychological test question has been out, and his product analysis is more rational.

2018/06/28 01:45
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Common psychological test questions will tell you: your personality analysis, what kind of opposite sex, what position is suitable for the workplace...

But is it really an objective and accurate analysis? This is yet to be verified. After all, when doing psychological test questions, the neglected subjective consciousness may have affected the test results.

Then, is there a platform that can be used to evaluate people's platforms with accurate data? In this issue, the protagonist of [Creator Biography] uses high technology to evaluate potential talents. He is one of the founders of the leading education - Liu Yuming.




Liu Yiming Lait Liu:

◆ Senior Engineer, Beijing Young Talents, Ministry of Education - Leader of the Leadership Collaborative Project Evaluation Expert Group, Executive Director of Beijing Potential Big Data Science Research Institute, and co-founder of Leading Education.

◆The talent appraisal expert in the field of campus recruitment, the chief guide of potential development, has 15 years of university management, research and teaching experience.

◆ Once served as the head of the department of more than 2,000 people in a certain university.

◆ Senior engineer, network expert, computer network professional leader, young backbone teacher of the Ministry of Education, director of the Computer Education Research Association of Beijing Higher Education Association.

◆ Member of China Computer Society, special lecturer of CISCO Company, CIW (China) Network Technology Certification Lecturer, Beijing University Excellent Moral Education Worker, Moral Education Star.

◆ Published nearly 30 academic papers and more than 870,000 words.

Leading education:

Leading Education ("LT Edu.") is a new platform that focuses on the use of high technology to evaluate and develop the growth potential of college students, and provides a comprehensive solution for talent development in universities. It is committed to becoming the leader of global talent potential assessment and development. By. The products and services currently provided include: Leadership Potential Assessment and Development, Workplace Potential Assessment and Development, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Potential Assessment and Development.

(hereinafter, Mr. Liu Yuming will be called Lait)

1. Inspiring leader

In the leadership education, the relationship between the superior and the subordinate is not so tight, they all call each other in English. Lait tells me that this is not to appear to have an international norm, but to make the relationship between the superior and the subordinate more biased towards a partnership that works side by side. The organizational structure of the leadership education is flat management, and Lait, as one of the founders, does not have its own independent office, but sits at the workstation like a colleague.

Prejudice refers to making judgments based on certain representations or false information, so that judgment errors or judgments are not consistent with the actual situation of the judgment object. Once prejudice is generated and not corrected in time, the distortion may become discrimination. (Excerpt from "China Encyclopedia - Psychology")

Previously, I have seen many articles that were biased against the post-90s. There are always some unfriendly words that will be linked to the 90s. Lait believes that after 90, he pays more attention to the realization of self-worth. Most of the employees in the leadership education are after 90, Lait said: "If you see a light in the building at night, it must be the partner of the education. I don't encourage them to work overtime, I hope they are healthy. But it seems that they don't feel that this is a job, but that it is their own business and mission."


Lait is doing device explanation

In the team, guiding technology is especially important, knowing that you are alongside the participants and performers.

2. Execution of talents with technology

The output of research on leading education is oriented in two directions, one is to export to colleges and the other is to export to enterprises. When exporting to colleges and universities, helping 985, 211, and "double-class" solve the problem of college students' leadership. To help ordinary undergraduates and "double first class" solve the employment problem of high-quality applied talents.

(Double-class: world-class universities and first-class disciplines, referred to as "double-class")

Lait said, “Not every student is suitable for starting a business, and not every teacher can guide entrepreneurship.” In the context of “double creation”, more and more college students have joined the ranks of “mass entrepreneurship, innovation”. . However, the reality is very cruel, and sometimes it does not develop in the direction people want.

When the research results of the leadership education are oriented to the enterprise output, it will solve the problem that the enterprise can find suitable high-latency talents when facing the school recruitment. Because of the high potential talents, they will have a high probability of 93% in the future. Talent. This problem is especially important.

Leading Education has built a database of talent potentials covering more than 100 positions, comparing students' potential assessment data with databases, assisting them to prepare for their careers early, helping colleges and universities to export high-potential talents, enhancing graduates' competitiveness and expanding their social influence. Therefore, in the development of the leading education, in addition to the workplace potential assessment and development center, there is also the Leadership Potential Evaluation and Development Center and the Innovation and Entrepreneur Potential Evaluation and Development Center.


Workplace Potential Assessment and Development Center Model and VR Glasses

The Workplace Potential Assessment and Development Center consists of four modules: Potential Assessment Area, Potential Development Area, Cloud Courseware Production Center, and Adaptation Area. The potential assessment area uses the world's latest VR technology to assess the potential growth of the workplace and update it as needed according to the assessment scenario. In addition, through the Workshop form, the potential development of the workplace will be developed for college students who are about to enter the workplace.


Leading sci-fi series product development


Sci-fi series product scene map

China's high-tech level is growing at a speed that is invisible to our naked eyes. Leading education is using high technology to explore talents and solve many problems for college students' entrepreneurship and employment.

3. The idealist called by the mission

The leader is the world's first professional organization that combines VR, AI, cloud computing, big data and other new technologies to assess and develop talent potential. It consists of PRI Potential Research Institute, LT Edu. Leading Education, LTT Leadership and LTC Leadership Academy.


Leading product exchange experience

Lait told me that he is very concerned about the value of people before the arrival of the technology era. Indeed, this era is developing very fast. In recent years, industries related to artificial intelligence have risen rapidly, and technological elements are everywhere in our lives.

In the financing of the leadership education, Lait sees that the successful entrepreneurs in the society have a strong sense of social responsibility. These entrepreneurs pin their hopes on these younger generations and pin them on young people, hoping that China will become stronger and stronger.


Lait is showing research results

Lait said a word that made me feel deeply. He said, "The country is strong because of you, the society is progressing because of you, and the people are rich because of you. This is what I have been yearning for and will always work in this direction." A strong sense of social responsibility is a very precious quality, a Chinese dream that every person with a dream should have. The same is true for enterprises. It should follow the rhythm of national rejuvenation. It must not only have a social mission, but also a pattern, a sentiment, and a responsibility to enable enterprises to grow and develop.

Leading education was established on July 1st of the party's birthday. As a party member, Lait effectively applied one of our party's three magic weapons, "criticism and self-criticism", to the corporate culture, and hoped that this The spirit can influence all members of the work in the leadership education.

"Education is a long line, and it is not easy to be effective in a short time." Even so, Liat hopes to contribute to Chinese education. At the beginning, the leader set a three-year stagnation period for closed research and development. However, after several companies tried it, the feedback was very good, and many companies came to talk about cooperation. Therefore, the leader decided to introduce scientific research products in advance, and provide talents and potential services to universities and enterprises. In Lait's view, if you want to feather into a butterfly, you should stand the test of time.

Liderar led the research with VHIL Labs on the impact of mirror neurons on leadership potential and the quantification of empathy.

Liderar led a joint research agreement with Duke University's DiVE Lab to explore an interdisciplinary solution for talent cognition assessment.

As the world's first professional organization to evaluate and develop talent potential, Lait will lead the leadership education to continue to contribute to society and the country.

This interview is like a lesson for me and has benefited a lot. The night in Beijing is full of lights, and there are many young people with dreams who are still working hard under a small light. On behalf of all the staff of Zhongguancun Chuangke Town, I wish every customer a bright future and wish you all the best.

Leading education and Zhongguancun Chuangke Town cooperation project will soon be in the maker town, so stay tuned!