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Maker lists all the things for children, he uses 3D printing to build a "new world" for children.

2018/09/01 14:12
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  He is a good young man in the eyes of most people, but he said that he is still a "walking" creator on the road to entrepreneurship.

He keeps the true self, and his heart is true, kind and beautiful. He leads the children to a 3D "new world" that can be built by their own hands.

He devoted himself to STEAM education and lowered the user threshold to 4+ children. He is the protagonist of this issue, and the founder of Beijing Qingsoft Haixin Technology Co., Ltd. Shi Yule.

Shi Yule

Project founder/team CEO

Doctor of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of China Computer Society, received the Tsinghua University Special Scholarship, Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Scholarship, Challenge Cup Special Prize, Tsinghua Undergraduate Grade Four.





Special existence among ordinary people

In 2003, Shi Yule came to Tsinghua University and began his college career. Prior to this, from the beginning of elementary school, Shi Yule did not take the entrance examination, and was sent to Tsinghua all the way, it seems to be the kind of "children of other people."

Man is the existence of thinking. It means that people have a tendency, even a need, need to find the boundaries of knowledge to think, to use more of his intelligence, brain power, and not just to use them as knowledge. And the tools of action, unless they are prevented by more urgent life needs.


"I am more fortunate." Even with such an educational experience, Shi Langle does not consider himself a top student.

At Tsinghua University, academic pressure and competitive pressures are relatively large. For a long time, Shi Langle’s position on himself is a student who is not a poor talent but is still working hard. In such a learning environment, he is very strict with his own requirements, and he hopes that he is a person with correct attitude and comprehensive development.

"My confidence is to work hard not to give up."

Even if he was admitted to Tsinghua University, Shi Langle realized his own shortcomings. Therefore, during school, he spends 10 hours a day to write programs. Basically, he wakes up every day and writes. Gradually, it becomes a habit.



  It is not easy to be the first in the four consecutive years of the university. Of course, this is all based on their own efforts.

I thought that people who work hard should be people who are easy to "think of things." Shi Shile said that he knows that he has a lot of things to do, and he does not think that he can do something well. If there is a goal, he will only try and adjust it to realize it slowly.

An optimist like this can handle and face problems peacefully. After the establishment of the soft sea core technology company, his entrepreneurial story begins.


Our core only does one thing

The core of Beijing Qingsoft Haixin Technology is to make software and hardware integrated 3D printers for non-professional users, as well as integrated 3D graphics 3D printing operating system.

Since 2017, STEAM education has gradually landed throughout the country. In fact, as early as 2015, the training of young people's hands-on ability has gradually advanced from the first-tier cities to the third- and fourth-tier cities, and has gradually acquired the conditions of teachers and hardware.

In Shi Yanle's eyes, the ability of children to solve problems is very important. In primary and secondary education, hardware conditions are relatively easy to solve. The software condition is indeed a problem that should be solved. The software problem contains two important items, one of which is the teacher.


Zhongguancun two small use of the situation

"To the third- and fourth-tier cities, there may be no concept in talking about STEAM education. The thing we have to do is to fill this gap." Before the creation of Qinghai Haixin Technology by Shi Langle, none of the 3D printing fields in STEAM education could be completed. The 3D design platform, because of the high technical barriers to 3D design, is not something that can be easily achieved, but it is what Schneider and his team are good at.

The second important item comes from real software. 3D printing, 3D design, youth programming, etc., are very important parts in STEAM education. However, domestically produced software is very vacant in China. Even if you want to involve young people in such STEAM education, there is really no platform to go. achieve. In order to fill this gap, Shi Yule and his team set out to make a system, which is based on 3D printer and is an independent 3D printing 3D printing operating system with independent intellectual property rights.


Educational equipment exhibition

The system that Shi Yule has done is mainly for primary and secondary school students. In this scope, the software architecture is not as complicated as industrial 3D printing. In his heart, they are doing the grounding thing, to achieve zero-based, cold start, form a solution from the design end to the manufacturing end, teachers do not need to spend months to prepare lessons, a system, a software You can solve these problems.

However, even the three-dimensional design software for young people requires a lot of manpower and resources, which is not easy to do. Shi Yule and his team are from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and are also the direct children of Academician Sun Jiaguang, the pioneer of China's three-dimensional geometric modeling field. In Shi’s words, they learned the things they learned in college.


Not only the relationship between individuals and individuals in society

When a group of 80, 90 parents, the experience of growing up makes Shi Yule more aware of what children need most during the child's growth.

“I want to make devices and software transparent.” Let the children know that they can make what they want, not just for the moment but for the future. It’s the place where Shi Lang and his team are different from other companies. .

According to Shi Lang, programming is the means to achieve the goal. He hopes that his products can penetrate into third- and fourth-tier cities and even mountain villages. After plunging into STEAM education, his 3D printing device and operating system can be used by thousands of households. This is his unshakable goal.

In the youth population, boys and girls think in different directions. Boys are good at logical thinking and girls are good at creative thinking. For programming, it seems that the boys are interested in a large proportion. How to balance men and women, so that girls can love programming and participate in it is a matter of great concern to Shi Lang.


The use of machines in the East Campus of Shanghai Experimental School

Unexpectedly, however, the number of girls in the participating population even exceeds the number of boys. What Shi Langle does, in the ability education, can enable creative children to exercise logical thinking, but also enable children with strong logical thinking to supplement creative thinking and truly cultivate in the direction of gender balance.

In addition, the work done by Shi Yile and his team fills the requirements of parents and schools for the children's Olympic mathematics. In the process of competency education, the programming system used by students covers the knowledge points of elementary school mathematics, which can improve the mathematics level of students for one or two academic years


The use of machines in the East Campus of Shanghai Experimental School

Being able to do this, Shi Langle does not consider himself a successful maker. Looking back at the company's achievements from the beginning of the company to today, this process is not going well.

At first, he needed to bring the team to the schools to keep preaching and preaching. The purpose was to make 3D printing go to the mountain village. I hope that most schools in the country can enhance the creative creativity of students through the field of three-dimensional design. Nowadays, the 3D design classroom in the school can meet the conditions of dozens of equipment, so that every student can have access to and feel the joy of three-dimensional design.

Moreover, the textbooks used by the children came from Tsinghua University Press. Shi Xiaole was righteous. "We are very cautious and careful in the process of teaching materials. After all, it is a teaching material for children. We are all writing with the strength of writing a thesis. , probably changed more than 20 versions before and after."


Maker first heart

When it comes to the most important qualities of the makers, Shi Xiaole firmly said: "Humanistic feelings are the most important."

He always said that he couldn't talk about being a successful maker. Even if the entry point, knowledge reserve and team are important, the most important quality should be humanistic feelings. Especially in the field of education like him, this quality should be more important.

Shi Langle always stands on the perspective of others to think about how to save each other's time and integrate the relationship between people and technology. Like thousands of Internet people, he hopes to use this method to do technology and use technology for the simplest things.


Shi Xiaole's speech on 3D printing at the China Science and Technology Museum

However, he is very worried about the problems that 3D printing will bring to children after entering school. He does not want technology to let the children lose some opportunities to create.

Such feelings make Shi Langle think that entrepreneurship should not be stubborn, but they must try their best to do everything, including the materials needed for 3D.

Regardless of which school you go to, Shihler only recommends a 3D printed material, which is PLA (polylactic acid). Although the plasticity of this material is relatively poor, it has a distinct advantage of being safe, harmless, non-polluting and inexpensive.


3D printed PLA material model

“3D printing is going to school, and harmlessness is the most important thing.”

With such a state of mind, Shi Yule step by step to today, presumably he has always mentioned that the equipment and system become transparent, in order to let the children see their own strength, to bravely create miracles.