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accelerate! Helping the incubator to rapidly evolve and create a “star of the future enterprise”

2018/03/30 11:27
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  Your future, with us! The special project of “The Future Enterprise Star” of Maker Town is freshly released! Beijing Crossing Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Uniway Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Chou Future Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Tian Four companies, including Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd., became the first batch of key support companies.

In the future, the company's star aims to support the incubating enterprises, train future industry leaders, carefully screen and support them through 100 entrepreneurial instructors, and help them stand out with the tilting policy, making it a high-profile future in the nursery town nursery. Enterprise benchmark.

Enterprises entering the list of “Future Enterprise Stars” will enjoy the priority support policy of Maker Town. The future platform will accelerate all aspects from resource docking, investment and financing docking, product development and promotion, and actively use the platform. Resources, strengthen brand promotion for selected companies, focus on brand walls, and cooperate with government leaders and media to visit key recommendations, create a small town crowd, WeChat public number, create a headline and other media matrix to create a brand propaganda position, Enhance corporate exposure, help companies gain access to traffic and customer channels, help companies grow rapidly, and always stand in the middle of the stage.

The first batch of "Future Enterprise Stars" selected list